Infrastructure /facilities


We have seven fully Air Conditioned Classrooms provisioning for proper lightning and ventilation along with highly maintained and adequate furniture. All these classrooms are aesthetically tiled and painted beautifully with bright and colourful posters to gain interest of the children. Each classroom is well decorated with soft boards as well as equipped with TeachNext Smart Boards.


An Activity room is wall mounted and a box TV with educational    Audio and Video CDs. A wide variety of educational toys were well arranged in it.  A library with a good collection of story books is there for the children in this activity room.


TeachNext is an optimal digital classroom solution which makes the classroom a fun place to learn in. We are providing our children  with TeachNext content which  is created and  based on the firm belief that learning is not a passive process and that better learning takes place when learners are actively involved in the process.

It explores learners actively explore their environment or manipulate materials to identify and develop concepts, processes and skills.

It also elaborates through new experiences, learners develop deeper and broader understanding of major concepts, obtain more information about areas of interest and refine their skills.


  • Trampoline
  • Sand pits
  • Children’s Park with ornamental and seasonal flowering plants
  • Traffic Park
  • Covered Quadrangle


  • Water cooler with Aqua Guard
  • Well maintained and clean toilets separate for Boys, Girls and Staff.
  • Well trimmed front and rear lawns.
  • Adequate office equipments

Our school has a well maintained computer lab along with all the basic facilities which caters to needs of 21st century education.