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Admission of children of serving Air Force personnel is to be made at any time during the academic session.

Age limit:

The minimum/maximum age limit of the child as on 01 Apr 24 is as mentioned below:

    • Nursery                   03-04 years
    • LKG                         04-06 years
    • UKG                         05-07 years
    • Class I                     06-08 years
    • Class II                    07-09 years
    • Class III                   08-10 years
    • Class IV                   08-10 years
    • Class V                    09-11 years

The Minimum age for admission to next higher class (i.e. class IV) will be revised in the subsequent year (i.e. 2025 – 26). Accordingly, the age criteria will get revised each year for the next higher class.

Any of the following documents are to be accepted in original as proof of age:-

a) Birth Certificate issued by Military/ Civil Hospitals as well as by Municipalities/ Village Panchayats.

b) In case of Defence personnel, POR extract duly signed by unit Adjutant is also required.

Admission on Transfer Certificate:

Students coming on transfer with TC from an Air Force School as well as students with TCs from non-Air Force School s, seeking admission to class-2 and above, will not have to undergo any admission test. In case the School was not an Air Force School  , the certificate  should be countersigned by the District Education Officer of the district in which the school is located. The endorsement should specifically indicate as to whether it is a recognised school. Air Force School TCs should be  countersigned by the ED  of the school.

Admission to class 1 and below:

Admission to classes Nursery, LKG, UKG and classes 1 does not require a TC and is not to be based on any test requiring prior academic attainment of the student.

Admission without Transfer Certificate upto class V:

Direct admission i.e. admission without a TC may be made as a special case only upto Class V.