admission/fee structure

Admission of children of serving Air Force personnel is to be made at any time during the academic session.

Age limit: A child should have completed the following age as on 01 April of the academic year in which admission is sought to the  classes mentioned above:

a) LKG- 3 years                              b)  UKG-4 years                     c) Class 1-5 years

Minimum age at the time of admission to other classes will accordingly be calculated as per the above stipulation. Children born on before 01 April would be deemed as having attained the requisite age. No age waiver will be granted.

Any of the following documents are to be accepted in original as proof of age:-

a) Birth Certificate issued by Military/ Civil Hospitals as well as by Municipalities/ Village Panchayats.

b) In case of Defence personnel, POR extract duly signed by unit Adjutant is also required.

Admission on Transfer Certificate:

Students coming on transfer with TC from an Air Force School as well as students with TCs from non-Air Force School s, seeking admission to class-1 and above, will not have to undergo any admission test. In case the School was not an Air Force School  , the certificate  should be countersigned by the District Education Officer of the district in which the school is located. The endorsement should specifically indicate as to whether it is a recognised school. Air Force School TCs should be  countersigned by the ED  of the school.

Admission to class 1 and below:

Admission to classes LKG, UKG  and classes 1 does not require a TC  and is not to be based on any test  requiring prior academic attainment of the student.

Admission without Transfer Certificate upto class V:

Direct admission i.e. admission without a TC may be made as a  special case only upto Class V.


The imposing the late penalty is as follows:-

1st to 10th day of the quarter

No charges

After 10th day of respective quarter

Rs 50/- for  first month

In second month of quarter

Rs 100/- ( if fee is deposited in 2nd month of quarter)

In third month of quarter

Rs  200/- (if fee is deposited in 3rd month of quarter)